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About SkyTec HD

Maybe some of you already noticed – situation in set-top-boxes has become quite unstable and confusing in the past several years. Confusing for the end user, confusing for the professional installer and confusing for the distributor (or operator) as well. All have the same question - which brand and model to choose? Lot of new brands and models appear and disappear every few months. Desire for low price and high sales, pumped with marketing, replaces quality. Beta testing asked from users, replaces real functionality. Is this DVB evolution? One could say it has become a jungle. However, there are rules in a jungle. Only the strong survive in the jungle...

SkyTec HD brand was founded in 2011 as a project with special goal – to bring powerful, progressive and reliable set-top-boxes to people and operators in central and eastern Europe. To bring real functionality and real quality, for reasonable price. All backed up with excellent localisation and outstanding local support.

Alhough the brand is relatively new, the products are well known and higly rated by customers all over the world for nearly a decade. With coverage in more than 50 countries and milions of users, functionality, compatibility, versatility and product reliability is tested to the maximum.
„Although wolf is strong, it contributes to the pack, he is only as strong as the pack it serves.“
Therefore we choose for our offical partners only those companies and individuals, who are higly skilled and with good reputation.

So whether you are individual customer or an operator who is looking for quality hybrid set-top-boxes for DVB-S2, DVB-T2 or DVB-C, you can be sure SkyTec HD is your perfect choice.

Information for the operators

All of our current hybrid models are also available as DVB-C and DVB-T2 versions. We will be happy to give you quotation at best prices possible. Lead times depend from current stock level in our main warehouses. MOQs start at 500pcs, very versatile and elegant model BlackBox is available in custom configurations at MOQs starting from 100pcs. Our international sales team will provide you with offer on software adaptation and HbbTV function availability upon request. Just use the web form.



SkyTec HD quality management and technical support policy

Unlike many other companies, we take special care to bringing outstanding quality and first class after-sales service to our sales partners, operators and end-user customers.
Therefore we not only thoroughly test every SW before we finally release it, but we also developed several tools which will enable you to get your service and maintenance done quickly and effectively.
Although you installer is most probably the one, who will take care of your system, we kindly ask every end-user customer to register his product on our website, right after the purchase. This way you get instant access to all important documents, software, settings and other tools you may need. Furthermore, you will be periodically informed by email about important new updates and added functionality related to your product, specific to your country.
Although everybody is welcome to contact us, we reserve the right to set up distribution agreements only with selected partners which meet our criteria, conform our business strategy and quality policy. Our valued sales partners are in the first line of technical support, so we provide them extended training, access to full range of software and documentation, access to the knowledge base and priority line of support. Our strategic partners also get supported with our website localisation to their national language and high quality marketing materials (brochures, etc.) including raw materials like templates and high-res pictures for steering their own marketing activities.
Those customers who are connected to the internet we support with possibility to upgrade their official SW with one touch of a button. Simply clicking the „Download“ icon of the menu will bring the latest firmware, FDU files /settings, addons, internet radios and official plugins into your receiver, with speeds outperforming traditional OTA service by many times.
Our linux set-top-boxes offer the most advanced „playground and laboratory“ for the most innovative brains in different industries. Progressive visual arts, combined with special features and custom functions can often be found at websites dedicated to open source firmware and plugin development. So whether you are, general user, enthusiast, professional software developer or you just like stylish menu, SkyTec HD will bring you a platform to stand above the crowd and support your exceptional needs.

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